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Thursday, June 13, 2013 | 8:26 AM | 0 comments




Okay so I'm mentally dating a celebrity right now. It's Austinnnn Mahonee ! Okay, dont laugh :p But seriously, I love this guyyy.

Dia baru release lagu baru which is 'What About Love'. You can also buy it on iTunes ngee.

But the thing is, sejak aku giler-II minat Austin ni (actually since 2012 but sekarang baru like crazy schamezy mahomie ), everyone's is all like, you know, picking on me :/ Ehhh jelly lettuw. Grr. Oh pfft IDGAF anyways XD

Hmm, aku termimpi aku jumpa Austin malam tadi hehe. And in my dream, I also met Alex, Robert and the rest of the crew. Pergh macam merepek jeee. Tapi awesome ;)

Dalam mimpi tu, masa tu aku baru pindah ke San Antonio(kononnya la). Masa tengah jalan-ii dekat neighbourhood tu, tiba-II ternampak diorang :o Walaupun dalam mimpi, aku terasa nak fangirl jugakkk tapi tahan bahahahahaha ! So nampak la cool gituuu. Then tiba-ii jadi kawan huahahaha. And then hangggg dengan diorang. Oit, kalau la mimpi tu real ..

Tak lama kemudian .. Aku pun bangun -_- Oh geez. Please make it last forever :( And kepada yang tak tau, fanbase dia namanya MAHOMIE. Yes, mahomie. I know, it's cute right? ^^

Dear Austin Mahone, please come to Malaysia. You dont know how much we need you here. We love you, and will always do XD Peace outtt (Y)

Okie, me out, bye yall. Love ya', Austin Mahone :* And you too(yeah, you who's reading this). Oh and, I'm still an Arianator, Directioner and Belieber though :D Ukikikii c:

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